Wiiralt has with their short time in existence managed to release already 2 full length albums and a rather unique set of singles, among which are renditions of songs like "Tule, Ƶeke" by Ervin Lillepea, "Salaja" by Henri Laks, etc.

Wiiralt Tulivesi albumikujundus
Wiiralt "Tulivesi"

Wiiralt's first full length album "Tulivesi" ("Firewater") was released on 14th of January 2020. With this album, the band shows it's true colors, and that pretty things and blind naivety is not among them, for the album tells stories about death, alcoholism and everything else tiresome, that inevitably surrounds us.

Wiiralt Lill on iga inime albumikujundus
Wiiralt "Lill on iga inime"

"Lill on iga inime" ("Every person a flower") was released on 20th November 2020. It was made as a gift for those who need it most. With the cancer treatment fund "Kingitud Elu" ("Life as a Gift") Wiiralt is trying to support those, who no longer get help from the government. All the profits of this album go to the cancer treatment fund.