"Lill on iga inime" CD


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Having lost many close ones, friends and relatives to cancer, the band decided to write an album just on that topic. While it was planned as a 4-song EP, "Lill on iga inime" grew fast into a full length album.

The idea was to write a story about cancer - from feelings that something is wrong, to diagnoses, to treatments, to the wishes to save close ones, to painkillers and depression. To death.

The opening track "Ärge jookske" was written by Martin Saaremägi already in the band Revolver in 2011 for the OST of "Täitsa lõpp" (a film starred by Lenna Kuurmaa). With co-author Janno Reim (from Nevesis and Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band). Also featured in this song is mixed choir Noorus and Canadian bluegrass violinist Ray Legre.

Vahur Krautman's "Helde andja" lyrics were written in 1965 by Betti Alver (from the collection "Tähetund"). Martin Saaremägi composed the music for "Lill on iga inime", which was written by Ernst Enno in 1920 and has been used often as a mourning poem.

The album also has two instrumental songs - "Morfiin" and "Minut".

All album sale profits go to the cancer treatment fund "Kingitud Elu".