"Tulivesi" CD


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Wiiralt's first! With what it all began. With songs familiar from the radio, like "Tulivesi", "Salaja", and "Väga hea tüdruku väga halb näide".

The band chose a firm approach - we want to talk about the wide gap between Estonian Dream and reality. The debut album carries many songs with a social message - "Isa ja poeg" that goes into alcoholism, "Hävita loodus" talking about deforestation, and "Sel kevadel", that by surprise became the prediction for Covid-19 epidemic. The album is strongly influenced by blues and country music, but still shows Wiiralt as a rock band. Or as we like to call it ourselves - cowboy rock'n'roll.

Written and recorded in just a couple of months in the bands main base and second home - Kidrakuur.